Must Have bracelets for 2016

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           Must HAVE bracelets for 2016.

  So I was doing a general review recently on some trending bracelets, I saw super cool stuff! But of all these two bracelets wow’d me the most😂😂😂 I cannot help but say that if you don’t have one of this or even the two….
Umm you really need to step up your game the first is the NORTHSKULL bracelets  from London. They just have that charm that when you wear them you are on top of the world! LOL. You can visit and place your order @ WWW.NORTHSKULL.COM and do check out their Instagram page @NORTHSKULL..
The second is  the Kunbiworks bracelets.Really cool bracelets.Its popular among Nigerians and is fast trending and I know y’all want to be on point ;), they even do neckpieces which blends casual outfits and are cool enough to make heads turn when you walk through public places. I ordered for the Kunbiworks bracelets recently and used it in one of my photoshoots with flame_touch photography last week. You can visit their Instagram page @Kunbiworks and you’ll have a full gallery of what I’m talking about . Thank me later;)….definitely after you get yours. Ill be posting pictures from my shoot for Kunbiworks. Stay posted✌.


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