The Outdoors🌲







This are few pictures from my photoshoot            
The Outdoors🌲

Dressed in Holiday style

Quite different from the general breaks,my school decided to and Insort we’ll be resuming soon;)  but….  👀hell no! I’m not going back until after easter.:!
I’m trying to make the best of my holiday and enjoy a quality time with family.
“the holidays reminds us that what matters most is family”.

One of my fondest childhood memories are of sharing the spirit of the season with family. Its the moment where you see siblings and relatives who have been away for quite some time.We experience joy and laughter my mother’s turkey,family outings, loads of drinks and stories about how we’d been doing….. you get the picture!

I now realize those holiday gatherings were more than a great meal and good conversation. It taught me the importance of connecting with family…..major key👌 FAMILY FOXT!😂😂😂

Pants- Denim
Shoes-Chelsea boots
📷-Flame_touch photography


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