Renaissance of the Frock coats

Hi guys! How was the weekend?,trust it was wonderful;)….
Its a cold morning! Its raining,Cool weather😆 atleast it will it will reduce the intensity of the sun today😂, coz recently the sun has been doing free melanin giveaways😂😂 LOL… although this giveaway is compulsory. You must grab yours..
Okay! So back to todays post,…
Ill be talking on the the revolution or should I say the Renaissance of the dapper trend…
Coming down to coats,they way back!,some cool stuff which are now basically trending LOL…
Alright let me take you on an history journey..

The frock coat

The frock coat is a fitted, long-sleeved coat with a centre vent at the back,often cut barely above the knee, including the reverse collar and lapels, where the outer edge of the lapel is cut from a separate piece of cloth from the main body, and also a high degree of waist suppression, the coat’s diameter round the waist is much less than round the chest. which are extra panels of fabric above the waist used to pull in the naturally cylindrical drape. The famous double-breasted and even single breasted originated from frock coats (19th century) which is now fastly trending with slight changes though👌.  The pictures below show the  gradual evolution of the frock suit






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