“THE DAPPER LOOK” continued….
So most times dappermen get to make heads turn.. so I say dapperman is the new six abs 😁 LMAO…
When dressing for dinner parties,shows,formal gatherings and meetings it’ll be outrightly wrong for you to go in just your skinny jeans,slippers and just any flying t-shirt. I’m not saying you can’t wear what you like…Ofcourse noone is gonna tell you to change your clothes.But it definitely shows that you have class!  When you dress well there is this feeling you get;)..

I recently stumbled on a fellow blogger’s blog…WOW! this guy is what I call a borne dapper😎, I think y’all know Emmanuel akin faminu 🙌 TBH.. he is one of my fav model& blogger.He his a student of medilag.Trust me if you check out this guys pictures you’ll love to always have “the dapper look” on!….

Quick tip DID YOU KNOW? Your shirts tend to stay in shape with less folds and gives the smart look when you fold the two ends of the shirt before tucking in to your pants! Thank me later!:roll: it also reduces the fullness in shirts,thus making it fitted

…with a nice blazer,a lapel pin,pocket square a nice shoe,socks and all.. so many things could still go wrong!.WHY?! That’s because people forget to wear things that fit them,simply because a tuxedo fits akin perfectly doesn’t mean it’ll fit you!😆😂 I’m kidding🙏 but you get the picture?
Wear what fits you even if it trends..
I’ve head people say “it wrong to wear loafers on suits” who says? When it comes to shoes there are men shoes which are recognized as high class.Like the monks,toe caps,brogue,brogue boots, Yes I know,but that doesn’t mean where a loafer like TODS  ,PHILLIP PLEIN on a formal outfit is wrong…Though it goes more with the traditional look.That being said
I think I should stop there and get some rest😜.Bye till my next post.Thanks for coming by.🙏 bless up


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