The Easter vibe

Hey! Happy Easter! And also Thank God Its Fri-yay!!😆 TGIF
So I’ve been working on something for the females recently… turns out my mojo is not really into the female fashion category, but feel free to send your suggestions anytime.
I’d really appreciate that.
How has our week being? No dull moment:roll:
Easter eggs, Easter chickens ,everything wants to famz Easter😂😂😂. He is the reason for the season.🙏

So “the easter vibe” Hmmmm okay let me start by saying this should be rather more of a casual look not the suited man style,definitely except those who have to go to work in the morning. I think a simple free top and a pair of denim jeans should do the magic! Those who’ll be going out to the beach trust me this’ll be the best time to wear your vintage shirts. But you know trends….:roll:

once a few icons starts something it becomes legal,no bad blood. Vintages shirts in suits actually look cool but when you wear a vintage shirt when trying to have “the dapper look” so many things can go wrong, and often times,people end up looking malnourished LOL  not like they don’t eat but just due to lack of proportionality.I’m sorry if I sound plain but its the truth wearing an excessively oversized vintage would be better off opened rather than buttoned up.

Thanks for reading😆 YOU are appreciated 👏👍  hope to hear from you soon



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