Horhoi!😆 a.k.a hello… besides that’s what it was supposed to be, Hope you are having a wonderful week? Sorry for the long break,I’ve been busy with a little of adjusting to school work and just excited about the prestigious campus heat award CHA2016. Which will be holding this may.I was nominated and it being my first I don’t really know what its like.. bla bla bla.
Today’s editorial is basically on a very minute area that spices up our dressing. Yes! You are right,accessories.They go a long long way in giving you that cool look you long for.

William strouch

Wrist watches is a key accessory which adds a whole lot of charisma and boldness to your look.It doesn’t just tell time,Infact nowadays people hardly notice the time on a watch rather its the beauty and creativity in Its construction that matters!

Kunbiworks hand bracelets

Hmmmm hand bracelets…. another wonderful accessory that goes side by side with your watch. It could be styled up with your casual outfit down to cooperate outfits. They come in various sizes ranging from about 6mm to about 12mm. Depending on what you feel suits you and your outfit.

Maison Thomas porte-Moi shoulder Bag

Bags! Oh my my…. you can’t but love bags they are lifesavers😂besides where do you put items like your phones,laptops, headphones’n’ all.They help you to safeguard your valuables and still complement your looks be it strapbags,napsacks,shoulder bags,tote bags or any other form.


Lapel pins, you can find them ranging from metal, to flower lapels.. just attach them to your suits or your shirts and you are good to go!


Thom Browne glasses is in trend and looks cool on any outfit.


Fedora hats!;)… you can’t just get enough of em’..


This especially is very important for men who dress dapper,it makes you look like a gentleman:Ddefinitely doesn’t mean you shouldn’t be a gentleman yourself once you have one on😂

Collar tips,an amazing piece of metal that makes you look in charge!Its usually pinned to the end of the collar.

If I’m to go on this editorial will become excessively longer than it already is.My point is you need to add accessories to your wardrobe. You don’t have to get them all once,just spare I few Atimes,and give your style a new meaning!Thanks for reading,I hope to hear from your soon.




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